Thursday, July 25, 2013

Instagram Lately NYC! #7

Hey you guys! If you don't follow me on Instagram, here's a little snippet of my time here thrifting and running around

 All of these rings and necklaces were in a store in Brooklyn that sold mostly accessories.
Lots of tibetan pendants and such here. They also had some really cool things for 1/2 off. I practiced self control. lol!

Whippin around the city in in this.....

He knows where he's going, I'm snapping pics. 

Men's boots :D

Vintage Hi-Brows

love this embroidery

This pretty little side table

I have the updated remake of a Crosley from Target

sooo wanted....but the shelves were bending down slightly and Mr. Thrifter has hundreds of books, so this wouldn't work. 

I could see this table in a pretty bathroom. Or shoe room! 

 With the matching coffee table
This lamp/side table was great!

 Alright purple cowgirl!

Wanted. But not feeling the $25, and they were a tad small.

 Totally here for the yellow pinstripe trim kimono-sweatshirt
This beautiful table needed me, but unfortunately I didn't need it. I have no space.

vintage tumbler at Salvation Army got me thinking about yucky Pringles

I love the subway tiles...they're so neaaat! I also like the movement and sound of the train.
Other than MTA can keep it. 

jk... it's a long way from MARTA, Atlanta's public transit system. 
That is a different kind of adventure entirely. 
adorable little drum in Salvation Army. Good thing I have nowhere to keep most of these things.


  1. Looks like you're adjusting quite well, lady!

  2. Please tell me how you gathered the strength to walk a way from that side table and coffee table set. I could see the energy in that wood side table. So nice.

    1. I know! Lol! I found the strength in the top drawer of the side table, with a note attached. Said "don't do it , you don't have enough room and you shol' ain't got enough money right now either" . And that my friend was sadly that! One day soon though they will be miiiine! Or at least some version of them from Salvation Army.. ; )