Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thrifting adventure + Antique Market

I was up bright and early for Scott Antique Market on Saturday. This is a huge antique market that takes place only on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Antique and Vintage dealers come from all over selling everything from vintage clothing to retro commercial signs, pickled pigs feet to actual kitchen sinks.

Here are just a few things we bought....
one booth had a table of necklaces 3 for $5

comedy and tragedy cufflinks for Mr. Thrifter

...and this cool "thinking man" tie pin 

This cute tigers eye bead ring was $5! 

a few more photos from our adventure.....


stacks of gorgeous rugs!  

Loved the piles of textiles in all different colors, textures, and patterns!  

We also stopped by a Value Village on the way...but I didn't get much, mainly because I was trying to save my money for the market. The vendors always have new things so I will be back on the 11th of May most likely.... but we shall see! 


  1. love the cuff links...and 3 for $5 necklaces...WHAT!?!?!?

    1. I know that kinda threw me for a loop. I wanted to ask them the price of every piece