Monday, March 25, 2013

Instagram Lately #5

Who is doing all of this spring cleaning lately? Who? Because you are flooding the thrift stores with all types of goodies lately and we could really just cut out the middle man at this point, I can come over.

Something about taking a picture allows me to leave things behind a the thrift store. I feel like in some way or other that I have it so now it's okay to walk away. That's what I tell myself anyway when I see amazing things that are not making it into my shopping cart for one reason or another.

These men's Justin's Boots at Value Village though?...amazing. Even in their condition I still wanted them! 
They don't even fit anyone I know.
 Ugh! How flyy are these boots?
Someone on instagram identified this as Hartmann luggage. I've never heard of that brand but apparently they make lovely tweed suitcases with leather accents. Even at the thrift store this was $30.

A winning day at VV

OOTD a few days ago. I think I will always love a rugby and blazer. It never gets old to me.

Oh man I was too excited about these SPORT wellies/rain shoes. The morning I saw these as I was looking through this J.Crew magazine and they had similar green Sperry topsiders on a model. Needless to say I grabbed these and put them in the cart immediately. I'm actually wearing them today...

I got stuck in this dress. Literally.
First I panicked but then Mr. Thrifter was called in the fitting room for assistance.
Both the dress and I made it out unscathed.  

I had to ...I kind of collect cameras.

Lovely beaded peacock clutch I left behind. I just can't keep up with clutches unless they have a handle or they are large. Someone bought it as soon as I put it down I'm sure.

 I was scolded on instagram by the lovely @Missfurnelli for not buying these from Salvation Army. lol!
You should check out her feed by the way. Her house is beautiful and her whole life is what Anthropologie aspires to be. Anyway... they were so pretty, but I had so many great things this particular day, so they didn't make the cut.

This was in the antique shop (more like superstore) Kudzu. This place is truly a treat for those who love vintage anything! Make a stop if  you are ever in Atlanta, you won't be disappointed

When I saw these cute little mules I though of Betty Draper Francis.
If you aren't watching Madmen, you should be!
Anyway, I'd wear these if they were my size. They were adorable and in great vintage condition.  

ValueVillage always has crazy sweaters. I kind of love this little toddler sweater. It's doing a bit of everything...

 I think these are granny squares... right? People are really getting into making them and creating these throws and blankets with them. Pretty neat!
This is very brightly colored one needs a little tlc, but it's still quite lovely! :)
 Bought this flowy 70s purplish pink dress with a lace collar for a special occassion. lol

I thought this was a pretty print

This gifted giraffe print dress was perfect for the 70 degree weather we had last weekend.
 Where did that weather go?!
This is my favorite necklace by the way, its from Value Village. :D

Oh I almost forgot about these shades! The gold accents on the frame really made these stand out in the accessories case in Goodwill. They dont look like bifocals....but they are.

Anyway, happy Monday guys!


  1. Ahhh what a successful trip!!! I can't even keep track of all your finds that I wanted to comment on because they are all just so great. I totally agree that taking a pic of something is almost a second best to buying it. That way, you can still show it off when you need to!

    1. Yes! Taking photos is so necessary these days, that way I still have it somewhere....

  2. BOOTS: FanFREAKINtastic!!!
    RAIN SHOES: Jealous
    CLUTCH: I'mma beat you. I mean, you coulda scooped it for the store at least.
    LAMPS: Awesome! Love KUDZU. I can get lost in there for days--literally. I mean, it's big enough!
    DRESS: So lovely!

    1. I know Ap...that clutch was in the $2.95 basket too! lol
      Kudzu is the business! Annnnd there's another one in Sandy Springs now, off of Roswell road along with a new Rag-O-Rama. The new Kudzu looks like an Anthropologie on the outside :D

    2. Oh, cool! I'll have to check that out. $2.95!?? Say, word. Smh. Sometimes folks just don't know. But oh well: great for us; sucks for them.