Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chalkboard painted wall craze.....

Lately I've been on a decorating rampage. Not one where much progress is made, just the kind where you plot extensively. I am back to the "tv room" now. We finally bought the small red expedit bookcase from Ikea a few days ago for our rapidly growing home library.  It's in the room with the bamboo directors chairs, red branches and blue vase....remember? Anyway....I've decided on navy blue chalkboard paint. I debated on black for days, but I decided to try something different. I've been dying to do navy blue somewhere and the bf wasn't really down with that idea...until I told him that I wanted to do chalkboard navy blue.

Love the abundance of creative space here....

My space is smaller, but not as small as this nook. What a cute little desk lamp and faux bookcase. 

Originally I wanted to incoporate this idea into the kitchen...but its already sooo dark in there....

I think I'm gonna settle for this instead. It's just as handy, and I can move it if I need to.
I feel a DIY project coming on! Here's a cute magnetic chalkboard DIY from designsponge.

I wonder how navy my navy is... not sure. I had to encourage the counter guy that he could indeed create a custom navy-ish paint. He was reluctant but pleased when he saw how well he mixed it. I wonder if it looks like this?.....

Or more like this...
Hopefully it doesn't look too peacock blue....I've already got a peacock wall.
: /

Now which grey for the opposite walls.....hmmm.
I love this set up with the branches and picnic table by the way... so fresh and outdoorsy!  
This grey is a little too pinky-blush, I think.

This grey appears "bluer" I like how it looks with the orange and red pictures.
::Something to consider::

I'll just have to keep looking. There will be photos when I decide!


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    1. Maybe....I think I found the grey...I have to take another look at it. It's called "weathered tin" I'll post a pic of the wall though!

      I kinda started thinking about stripes again, although some parties disagree on that. lol...