Thursday, April 19, 2012

Re-purposed milk crates to book cubby

I had these milk crates left over from college. My roomates and I used these things for a variety of activities and foolishness. Mostly they were used for storage. We a few of them set up pyramid-style displaying our communal art supplies, and a few in the corner laced with white christmas lights. One neat trick is actually mounting the bottom to the wall and putting light weight decorative pieces inside.

Anyway... I finally found a new home for them in our living room/foyer entrance. We have been thinking about purchasing that unit from Ikea with all of the cubbies, but I kind of like this simple, resourceful approach a bit more. It's less expensive, versatile, and unique(--well not to any of us that lived the broke college student lifestyle).

This is what they are doing for now...but of course that is subject to change.
I like the size right now so,  not sure I will need more crates. (Maybe just a couple) I've seen book shelf crates gone terribly wrong before, and I don't want that to happen here. =)


  1. I totally have the same thing going on in my office! We have quite a few of the larger, rectangular crates. I stack them two high, then cover the top with patterned fabric, so I can set decorations/picture frames on top of the "shelf".

    1. Oh yeah I forgot. I think I saw yours in your post about the Star Wars pieces? Thats a cute idea, covering them with fabric! I'm gonna try that when I find a few more.