Monday, March 12, 2012

Outfit of the day... Vintage rust vest and twill pants

Over the weekend I treated myself to a thifting/yardsale day. It was an all-day affair and I picked up a few great pieces! Among those were this silk top and vintage knit pull-over vest that I wore today.

For some reason the yardsales in my area were few and far between. In fact I only got out of my car once. Even so, it was a great day for it if you recall how beautiful the weather was. 
Whelp, maybe next weekend! 

Silk button down- Max Studio, Goodwill
Rust colored knit vest- vintage, Fodac thrift store
Brown twill pants- Body by Victoria, Goodwill 
Scarf- Gift
Pearl earrings-Angies

What I like about this outfit is how the orangey-rust vest and light-blue belt play off of eachother. The scarf plays with the patterned shirt, but helps balance the dark brown of the pants. I admire someone who can put a good and shirt tie combination together; this is my version I suppose. Lol. Maybe I'll figure out how to tie a tie and wear one of the ones I have... who knows.

I'm excited to dress up this week! More pics and posts to come.
Hopefully I will be able to keep up the enthusiasm as 6am rolls around. 
That said, I'm off to get my clothes ready for tomorrow.

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