Monday, February 20, 2012

Thrifted: Retro Pedestal Cups

You all may not know, but my two favorite items (that isn't clothing) to check out at thrift stores are chairs and cups. How strange, I know... but those are my favorite things to scope out. Now obviously I don't buy every chair I fall in love with, but a girl can dream right?  Yesterday I found this adorable set of retro pedestal cups from Value Village. Every time I picked one up I hoped for the next. Fortunately I found the whole set. YAY!

I know the lady at the checkout counter was probably like... "Why is this girl buying these dirty cups?" They were a little dusty, but I soaked them in a nice hot apple cider vinegar and soap bath, though I won't be drinking out of them. 

These were also in great condition, decals still intact and everything.

I've looked up a few pedestal cups, but I haven't seen any with the cool gold metallic accents like these.  $0.87 for the set!


  1. What???? Love them...and thanks for commenting on my blog.

    1. I Know right!? And you are welcome Soul Pretty is my favorite!