Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Outfit of the day... Grey Wool Blazer

Today I wanted to wear my sunny yellow pants for the first time outside... instead of just playing dress up. Ha! I toned them down a bit with this blue and white 3/4 length button down, grey wool blazer, and leopard print belt. The fun thing about prints is that you can mix and match them. The key is getting the right two or three together. If its your first time try one large (bolder) and one smaller, that way they don't compete, but harmonize. I wish you could see in detail...ah well.

 (Oh I wore tan leather cowboy boots)

  • Pink hair scarf- Thanks mom!
  • Vintage gold flower earrings - gift, thanks Meek!
  • Button down Tommy shirt - thrifted, Goodwill
  • Textured leopard belt- thrifted, Goodwill 
  • Yellow pants- thrifted, Goodwill
  • Talbots grey wool blazer - thrifted, Goodwill 

Here's a shirt and tie combination I like...I love shirts and ties.
Can I also say that this is the only reason why I enjoy Sports Center and NFL hosts... Shannon Sharpe's color and print combinations are always interesting.

Speaking of which, tomorrow is my first day at my desk job. The code is business casual... I have an idea of what I'm gonna wear but I still need to mull it over a bit. Thrifted pea green JCrew skirt, but what top?  Hmm... Pictures later. 

Business casual... what does that mean at your job? 
(Though it shouldn't, it probably varies!) Lol.

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