Friday, February 3, 2012

New Hair, first time for everything...

This is my thrifty hair moment... and by that I mean DIY!
I've been wanting braids for a minute, and by minute I mean about 5 months. Finally, I decided to just DIY-it! I mean... why pay someone  over a hundred dollars to do something that I could at least try myself? So I did it. I wanted to make them thicker... but I think they are okay
for now.  

I had braids once before... during 5th grade summer. They lasted the length of my parent's  week-long vacation... upon their return, they were gone without a trace! :)

Curled the ends just because I wanted to know how the whole hot water thing worked! Ha! 
They will go back straight... right guys?

The crazy thing is, I am so used to being able to change my hair often in its natural state, I'm already ready to try something new. What's your new hair venture going to be ?


  1. I LOVE it!!! You could pull off any hair style! Your just so damn gorgeous. I already did what Ive been wanting to do for months: cut my hair off. And I already want to cut it again but I miss being able to put it in a "ponytail" so I guess I'll grow it out :P

    1. Wheres a pic? Wait you cut it again since your profile pic? I still can't believe you do it yourself!

  2. Awwh, you did it; AND you did good! :-)

    Uhm, not sure if they will go back straight. LOL! There are a TON of things you can do with them, though.

    The new style I am rocking now with my locs is the "bump ponytail"--you know, with the hump in the front ponytail in the back: