Wednesday, January 25, 2012

T-shirt Scarves and Friendship Necklaces

My granny introduced me to t-shirt scarves and I've been experimenting with making them, adding beads or other hardware.  (A good friend of mine bought me this maxi dress for my B-day while we were out thrifting, it's a new fave.)

This one has small friendship bracelet wraps on it, with coin charms.   I was just about done making  them for a while when I saw this cool friendship necklace tutorial on

Familiar? You use the same process when you make friendship bracelets or "hair wraps". Aren't they awesome?! 

 They were inspired by a piece in Flare magazine.
I'm definitely going to try this out. Check out their tutorial (linked above) if you aren't familiar. I'll upload my finished product soon,


  1. Awesome!I want that dress! And now I want to make those friendship necklace wraps. Ah..if only I had a clone that could do all the hard work and I could just do all the fun stuff :)

  2. Mandy!!!!!!!!! This is so COOL! I want one--please, pretty please!