Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Styled Find + Vision Board Making

I created a vision board with a dynamic group of women of color on Saturday. It was so cool sharing ideas and plans, getting feedback and giving it, and eating yummy snacks and laughing...a lot.

Along those "envisioning your life" lines I created a few fashion sets entitled Do What You Love on Polyvore. Each set represents different aspects of me and things that I love to do.
All of the sets below feature a magazine tear and my newly thrifted brown velvet top from my Velvet Trend post. I styled it four different ways to get some ideas flowing since I haven't worn it yet.

Because it's winter time–and because I pulled from those Vogue magazine clippings–each set has a darker brown, green, beige color palette, but it doesn't have to be that way.
Let me know what you think might pair nicely with. 

More on the vision board... 
Saturday was my first time making a vision board and I really enjoyed it. Not just for the company, but because it really is helpful for me to see everything laid out this way. From here I feel like I can make plans and set goals. Have you ever created a vision board before?
What's stopping you?
And thats a real question because I thought about making one earlier this year, but I didn't because I didn't have any magazines. I didn't have any magazines laying around so I let that stop me and in case that stops you....

Here's a little push.
•Pinterest is a great place to start finding vision board how to's here
•Just make a vision board on pinterest, look at these just based on travel
•Get cheap or free magazines: Thrift stores, Libraries, school libraries, neighbors, Doctor's offices, stores with free catalogues right inside like Pottery Barn and Ikea!

A bit of advice that was really helpful to me in building my board was "don't think too much".
If you see an image or a bit of something that sticks out to you just cut it out–whatever it is– and put it in your pile of images for now. It spoke to you at that moment and when you lay everything out together it might make more sense.

And, as always have fun.
This activity should be fun and inspiring, don't feel overwhelmed by this. Take a break eat a snack, come back to it later. Nothing is set in stone!

Let me know if you've ever created a vision board before and or if you're planning to make one.
That's a snippet of mine to the left. It's got a bit of everything on there. From envision Shop Thriftionary, to how I'd like my home space/life to be. Its pretty all inclusive. I'd love to see your boards! Tag me @Thriftionary on Instagram. 

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