Thursday, May 19, 2016

DIY + Dip Dye Denim Jacket

Hey ya'll! I've been wanting to do a DIY project on a denim jacket for quite some time. Inspired by the Gucci 2016 embellishments I was trying to decide between a dip-dye or an appliqué situation. I settled on doing both!  I purchased a maroon jacket–similar to this one–from one of my favorite London thrift stores.
I assumed that the bleach dip would create a pink or white gradient, but I was very mistaken. 
I dipped it and waited. Dipped it again and then let it sit for a while. Then....



The bleach actually made the jacket a bright cherry red.

Red #40 red.

A flaming hot Cheetoh red.

Yes, a good ol'  Kool-Aid red.

After this unexpected turn, I took a little more time to think about what should come next. 
I decided on some really cool embellishments for the lapel area.

So applied those.

I'm literally laughing right now because I'm so messy. 
As a child I loved to pull every single supply out for craft projects, and I still do. 

 I layed this heavy hardwood painting I made years ago on top to hold everything together. 
Ya know just being practical over here. 

And voilá! 

I'm kinda in love with how it came out!

And thats pretty much it. I was considering adding more to it, but I love that it's a simple design and there's lots of space on the back to add patches or a flag. 

 What do you think? 

How would you style this jacket?

Have a great weekend!

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