Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Thrifted Tops + Velvet Trend

I'm really enjoying the velvet trend that took off this fall.

But, of course I'm enjoying it; it's so retro...

and so 90s at the same time.

I'm even adding this velvet piece to Shop Thriftionary this week!
In case you want to get your Nancy Kerrigan on too.

On to what I thrifted! I picked up two St. Michael velvety button down tops from one of my favorite shops around the way. The first top is a rich reddish orange color.

Side Note: Remember when I found this necklace

Someone was clearly venting their late 90s wardrobe. After picking up the rust colored top, I found another just a few hangers down. I purchased the second top in brown. I don't even wear brown that often anymore, but I have plans for this top.

 Speaking of wearing brown I have a question. 
Did you go through a brown phase?  I was obsessed when I was in middle school and highschool. Earth tone tops, denim skirts, and a big ole fluffy twist-out (or double puffs) were my signature. SO much that one day some boy told me–in reference to my outfit, "Don't nobody want no Erykah Badu!"

1. I think I was supposed take offence, but I pretty much floated through the rest of the day. And
2. What do you mean "Don't nobody want no Erykah Badu!?"

Sir that is simply incorrect. 

Erykah badu has always been a style inspiration to me. She can layer like none other! And her looks are always funky and unique. Who could be offended by a comparison like that? Not I.

Erykah in a black velvet skirt at Givenchy SS16 photo via thehuntednyc

I'm glad that I've been true to my personal style and inspirations and that I've been able to explore them. And that's not a knock to those who haven't/can't, sometimes trying to fit in is about survival, but that is a conversation for another day. 

To thine own self be true!
Have a great week everyone.


  1. MANDY!!! LOVE that 1st outfit girl. Yasss @ "brown" phase, but I was well into college. Sometimes I feel like reverting 'cause its so easy....

    1. HEYYY! Right! That color palette is so eaaasy to wear.
      I wasn't really allowed much black clothing back then so now I feel like I'm wearing black all the time to make up for it. lol!