Monday, December 7, 2015

New Thriftionary Things + No More Boxes...

Hey guys!

I've been super busy with photography this last year and a half. By that I mean thinking of it more as a business than something I just love to do. Making that transition is more difficult than it seems, but I'm getting there. You probably remember me shooting for The Foreign Archives a couple years ago in New York. Lately I've been doing all kinds of fun shoots (and I've even started teaching a class).

From travel photography... portraits...

 to kids fashion shoots..

...and everything in between.

Its been quite a whirlwind

I think the most challenging thing thus far is figuring out how all of the things I'm passionate about can fit together in life and here on Thriftionary.

Since middle school I've felt like my interests couldn't be compartmentalized in the implicit ways that we are taught to "box things".  So, I gave up trying to pack things into nice neat little boxes. Anyway I say all that to say I'd love to share more of what I'm doing with you guys...if you're down!

I've been posting most of my shoots on my personal FB page and just setting it to "global". But, I just made a photography page recently. You can check it out here. And my personal photography website here.

I've been thinking of adding a travel and photography component to Thriftionary. 
It just seems to make sense because so much of what I do involves those things. Making that leap is something I've been thinking about for a while, so maybe its time to do it. What do you think?
What are you thinking of switching up in the new year?  

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