Friday, April 5, 2013

Instagram lately #6... SHOES!

Lets talk about shoes....
@Thriftionary on IG

Kind of in love with these red Bruno Magli bow flats. Had to buy them!
 Saw these little victorian style booties by Enzo in Value Village
Saw these men's tassel loafers at Value Village too. Nice right?!
 Aw these baby Minnetonka moccasins are sooo cute! They were at St. Vincent de Paul thriftstore.
Had to buy them. I did. No, I don't have a child. They're so cute I could throw them on a necklace. :)
 Another pair of Magdesian's. I've never heard of this vintage brand before, but I've seen so many of these shoes lately.
 These rusty instruments started making my skin crawl. Wouldn't this french horn me amazing painted
 hi-gloss black or a matte red just for home decor?
 When I have a child, they will ride in style! How cute is this old school pram?! There probably aren't any kind of safety features on this thing, but I love it!
 I wanted one of these soooo bad as a kid! It's vintage and wooden, and only $10 as Goodwill!
This is the second one I've seen in 3 months. It smelled like the inside of Donald Draper's office, but i'm sure you could air it out. (For those of you who didn't catch the refrence, this weekend kick your feet up and watch some Madmen, you will not be disappointed!)
 Although, these are so common in thriftstores, this is the first retro tourist bag that I've bought. It says Cancun on the back. Love it!
 More Magdesians! They wanted $10 for these little shoes...
 Side view of my British Khaki hunting vest! I was sooo excited when I found it. Sort of reminds me of Pharell's new Billionaire Boys Club holiday 2012 collection.
Hmm..let me go find the rest of these outfit post photos.....

Is anyone out there new to Instagram? I'd love to see your photos!


  1. the pics....believe it our not I had a very similar stroller for Mini when she was a baby....her babysitter was in the next I would just push her there every morning while she sleep...I loved that thing...not good for traveling...but, great for strolling. Hum!?! Can't remember what happened to

    1. Aww little Mini! I bet that was adorable! :D Now I feel like I should have scooped it up when i had the chance.