Tuesday, April 16, 2013

OOTD: Handmade mud cloth blazer + Bright blue pants

This mud cloth blazer is actually part of a skirt suit that I purchased from Goodwill a few weeks ago.
I typically don't buy suits at Goodwill because they are $10, and if I don't want the blazer and bottom...there's no point.

This particular suit was just my size on top and bottom and it was 1/2 off ....which sealed the deal! 
(On top of that it's handmade, so I was very surprised both pieces fit!)

I've been giving my ears a break, not wearing earrings lately. 
My ears aren't pierced so I go through converting all of my earrings to clips then nickle proofing them, especially the vintage earrings. 
That being said, I kept it simple accessories wise, just applying my favorite robin egg brooch.
 I looks kinda like a cross between a bird's nest and a Christmas ornament. 

You may remember these sort of Victorian, sort of girlish combat boots that I thrifted from Salvation Army....

My blue pants are from a store called GenX. I call it a "club dress store" because almost everything is made of polyester, and other club dress materials.  However, I love these stores because mixed in with highly decorated urban wear, are great basics and popular "brand name" overstock or sample items.

Citi Trendz is similar store. The last time I went there for plain tees, I found a cool American Apparel convertible dress and pants. You can find pieces like my blue pants and great cotton tees for $3-$5 if you have the patience!
I am all for finding inexpensive pieces and making them work!

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