Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Saturday's Goodwill Haul....Too. Much. Clothing.

So my good friend AP and I went thrifting Saturday.... um.
Things may or may not have gotten out of control. First of all, she invited me to a handmade jewelry sale and of course I went! Afterward, I felt like the area was oddly familiar.

Long story short, we drove in a big hour long circle and eventually ended up near a Goodwill in Duluth that I can't say I recognized. Of course scouting new territory is never a bad thing. New territory indeed--we were not prepared for the well stocked racks and overwhelming supply of goodies. Ap grabbed a cart and we were off...hitting shoes and purses first, then working our way quickly around housewares-- to the dresses. This is where things got crazy.

Ap pulled vintage dress, after vintage dress off the racks. It was like the collective essence of the 60s and 70s pooped dense wool and polyblends on every rack. It was amazing. Before we get into all of that, I do want to apologize for not taking more pictures...there were just so many things to look at. And if you thrift like we do you know photo opps and deep conversations happen at the checkout counter and not a second sooner.

Anyway here are a few photos from our adventure.

These Mossimo python pumps AP purchased were soooo cute! 

Aren't these cute burlap, Bass espadrille sneakers?
 Why werent't they in my size?

Me trying on this vintage-y polka dot top over my shirt....

This dress was so adorable, and one of the few vintage dresses that were damaged. There were some spots where the knitting had come undone. ::sadface::  The buttons were gold and had coral insets in them.

I love this cute 80s dress (with less-restless) shoulder pads that Ap is trying on.
It was nice and flowy! It will look so nice with leather pumps or booties, maybe even some brown cowboy boots?

This is one of those dresses I was talking about! It's super authentically vintage, not a hole or snag on it. It did have that faint trademark vintage smell, but aside from that it was perfect! At first sight I thought it had to be a halloween costume, because it was too good to be true...but no. It's the real deal. I'll  have to update you on the brand and designer later.

Ap pulled this vintage pleated dress off of the rack...I skipped right over it. It was this maroon, tweed wool material.  There was just so much to see that I missed it. (Don't judge me!) And then I tried it on...with my clothes under....again don't judge me. I just wanted to scour the whole store, then go back more thoroughly and then try things on. This store officially broke my was just too large to cover every area in just a couple of hours.

Denim shirt!? CHECK! She has been looking for one for way too long now.....

Vibrantly colored quilted skirt from the 70s? I want to wear it...I am thinking of ways to execute this without it being costume-y. Who knows I might just go all in that day and be costume-y. Depends on how I'm feeling.

So this awesome print skirt was as goods as bought. It had neat patterns on it that made me think of  the Mayans. She is also trying on a denim jacket that I was in love with. It had cool anchors on the buttons and was double breasted with an asymmetrical front. Kind of like a sailor or admiral's coat. Too awesome.
And too available, because we ended up putting it back.
I kind of held her hostage in it...not gonna lie.

Don't you love this wool dress? The pockets are vertically placed in the front. The top is thick cotton, but the bottom is this multicolored spun wool. It is also vintage from the 70s--I think. I'll have to check the labels on everything again.

Trying to decide what stays and what goes. Its important to edit at some point when you are thrifting otherwise you will end up with a ton of items that you don't really want, and may be damaged. I actually gave out some of my tips in an earlier

Checking out 10 minutes before closing.
Again, we were not prepared for this thrifthaul! We barely covered half of the store...maybe half.
I'll put it this way.... we went through Shoes, purses, dresses, blazers and skimmed housewears and jewelry . That still leaves the 3-4 long racks of shirts, and 3-4 racks each of denim, coats, and other micellaneous racks.

I don't know when, but we will be back.
But we will be back.

Here are some thrifted items from the weekend.

So...I picked up this denim biker jacket! I love it sooo much. I mean I'm sure its from the 90s- early 2000s or somewhere in that danger zone, but I love all of the zippers (especially the ones up the elbows). As a matter of fact, I am wearing it today, with a long black, flowy maxi skirt (from one of those formal 2 pieces), black leather booties, and a bulky grey and white infinity scarf.   
You will be surpised what you can do with a formal skirt from one of those gowns...

 This brown and cream blazer is from Talbots via Goodwill. I love it. I am actually looking forward to wearing it with a simple pair of jeans first, and maybe a pussybow blouse, but nothing too distracting.
I like that this blazer is doing all the work here. Maybe later I'll wear it with some cool colorful pants. 

Here's another look at the turtleneck 70s dress. I'm so excited about wearing it... This will be interesting.


  1. ugh, the next i am down there we are going thrifting. i havent hit a goodwill and quite awhile ! miss you by the way!

    1. I miss you too! Lets get it when you get here... I'm down! :D

  2. I'm so car has been out of commission for two thrifting...enter sad face. I love the 70's maxi dress...rock that with a t-shirt and your denim jacket and your good to go...

    1. Oh no, That sucks! I get really antsy when that happens. Hmmm I will have to try that outfit...i think that may be the best way for it not to look toooo costume-y you know?