Friday, November 2, 2012

Karla's Closet + Style Pantry Outfit Ideas + layering up!

 First, I want to thank all of my new followers for joining me in conversations about style, fashion decor, and a love of thrifting! It's so cool to know there are people that are passionate about some of the same things that I am. AND a big thanks to Alex Bee and D.C. Goodwill Fashionista for giving me my first chance to write  a guest blogger post; It was so much fun! :)
Let's continue our conversation about layering up for the fall.
Some of my favorite looks are done by the ladies of Style Pantry and Karla's Closet.
Here you see Karla giving us workplace-appropriate, chic flyness. (Well I guess it depends on where you work. Lol.) I was so inspired by how she craftily layered that denim button-down with a sleeveless shift dress. We see you Karla! I like how she tucked the bold bib necklace under her collar right above the dress' collar. Ready for work or a sophisticated lunch date?
Unfortunately I found a very similar style dress about a month ago at Goodwill (but it had a fun symmetrical tribal pattern) and I passed it up. Why? Because I had a cartful of things, and it was admittedly a little too tight to wear a shirt under.
I love this loose fitting striped top with the red wine colored skinnies, then this fuzzy vest to top it all off? Adorable! I'm into almost anything with black and white stripes or patterns, plus the black brown
The lady of Style Pantry is a genius at this game too. Here she is wearing a maxi dress two ways.
Love how she does this. For the fall you can layer yours with a sweater and a blazer.
 If it's really chilly outside, and your skirt is made of thin materials you may want to slip on some leggings to keep warm.
I love the idea of using the belt here to to help sculpt a nice silhouette with a bulky military jacket and flowy maxi dress.
A few notes on layering my clothing:
1. How it feels–It's suppose to be warm and cozy and comfortable. I hate having to tug or adjust an outfit all day, that usually makes for an outfit I'll only wear that one time. That whole scenario is like a too-small pair of tights, nobody wants to deal with that all day. Try to pick things that you will feel comfortable in and comfortable shedding as the day goes on if it warms up. Don't forget to wear leggings your skirts' or dress' material is thin or should still glide right over your leggings if its that smooth or thin.
2. The proportions–just play with the different pieces until you strike the right match. I personally don't like the way a really baggy fitting sweater and flowing maxi skirt fit on my body, but by adding a belt around the sweater, a totally different look can be achieved. That's just my preference, so be sure to play with proportions on your body.
3.The colors and patterns–I love to mix colors. I know many people have preferences on fall colors or winter colors etc. etc. But why not just play around with them and create combinations that fit your preferences? I'll wear pastel floral prints in the wintertime if I'm feeling it oneday..why not?
::Now I want to go play dress up::
Everyone have a great weekend and be safe!

Oh, Is anyone going to yardsale-ing, yardselling, sale....? Is anyone going to yardsales this weekend?
I am trying to motivate myself to go.  :)
We shall see.

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