Thursday, September 27, 2012

Decorating Woes + Yardsale Finds

Hi guys. So last we left off I bought a lovely golden-yellow, velvety sofa from FODAC thriftstore. I think we might have also discussed how I painted the living room purple.
Okay sooo here's the thing.
 I think purple is great, but it's not as "me" as I thought. Also keep in mind, I picked out this dusty purple-ish grey color too,  more of  a blue-purple than a red-purple.

I like it, but I don't love it...that the couch has so much more potential than that.
I think that there's so many dark colors the other dark purple loveseat, that it's not balancing like I want it to.  I think I'm in this like decorating twilight zone right now, and I just can't make it work.
 I think I should take a break, even though this will bother me for as long as it stands. Lol.
::sighs:: whatever
We'll see what's next in color. I have some ideas....

Remember this is the other wall color visible in the space... you can see it from the living room

So its making it interesting to pick out a color....

So over the weekend the boyfriend and I went to a school YardSale. It was pretty awesome, but overwhelming. It was actually quite organized but the sheer volume was outrageous! lol

We came out spending $45 on eveything.....
-(a pretty much brand new) push mower
-An awesome rustic looking circle mirror
-2 tops, and a 90s light jean Levis jacket (for me)
-A  beautiful, huge,amazing(ly heavy) wool rug
-An  adorable old, yellow desk lamp
-A few books

I love the vibrant colors in this rug.... I can't believe we got it for $20.

Anyway...feel free to suggest paint colors...I'm still open.


  1. I think if you like bold color you might want to get a piece of Kente cloth and look at the juxtaposition of colors. See if you can bring these colors into your room:
    Here is a fabric:

    The key will be to balance the colors. maybe use one of the colors more with the others as accents. Nice colorful choices. Glad I stopped by. Looking forward to how you finish this off.

    1. Oh so you mean maybe add more accents of a color I already have?
      That makes sense! I do feel like I have a lot of different colors without something to "tie them in"...I reallly like the kente cloth idea.
      I will have to see what I can find in that.
      Thanks for the advice!

  2. Try the app CHIP IT by sherwin Williams

    1. Woah...stop it...this app is so neat!
      I have to try this asap... such a great idea that i wish i had thought of. lol
      Thanks so much!