Friday, February 3, 2012

Decorative Pieces

The best thing about moving is being able to redecorate a space you love. I've recently started collecting pieces to decorate with. I have a bazillion things to start with, but buying or creating something new is always fun. Emphasis on create if you are on a tight budget. Anyway...these are a few things that I've thrifted or made recently.

I've always loved raw, natural pieces in my space. So I decided to bring some good ole sticks from the yard into the sitting room/TV room.

I spray painted them for a little twist, plus I love red as an accent color! The neighbor (who I hadn't met up until this point) yelled across his yard "What are you doing?!" I mean I was dressed in pajamas, holding 6 foot tall branches and red spray paint crackling away at 9am on a Saturday.  (And even after I explained I received the blank stare. lol)

This rug is a favorite... I saw it from across the thrift store an was drawn to it. I've actually been looking for this pattern on a top or a cardigan, but I haven't found it. I'm sure the two guys standing in front of it thought I was crazy... but I don't know I didn't bother to look at their faces. Ha. This rug is originally from  World Market, a great place to get ideas, because they are a bit expensive.  They do have great sales on jewelry and hand bags sometimes though! Rug originally $119, thrifted for under $10

The vase is something that i really wouldn't have picked a year ago. Its so... blue, and I used to have a much smaller version in my room as a kid with a plant in it. I think the size of it sold me though. Its about 1.5 feet tall and pretty wide. I could put my leg in it up to my thigh.

The TV room is first on the checklist of rooms, but knowing me I will jump around a bit. I will make sure I post updates....
Picking paint this weekend!