Friday, October 21, 2016

OOTD: Thrifted Halloween Costume + Willy Wonka

Hi guys, I'm so excited to share this improvised Thriftionary OOTD with you today because it's that time of year when everyone is dressing up to go somewhere. From Halloween parties to Holiday soire├ęs, it's going down! Lately, I've noticed a lot of my fellow thrifters talking about Halloween costumes (or Halloween 'fancy dress' if you're British) and I got inspired to create one of my own with only thrifted items.

I decided to recreate the late Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka costume. Because I had both the shoes and hat I planned on using at home the rest of the outfit would be easy to source. 
I picked up most of these items on the same day, from the same thrift store. 


 I wanted a swirly print purple top that reminds me of Cadbury's wrappers so I walked right over to a rack and picked this up. It's really strange guys but when I want something from the thrift store I visualize it and pretty much find it. It's so weird! 


Add this lovely purple top for £1.00 

photo via People

I also improvised this £1 GAP vest for the costume. I know there's no vest, but I love how the vest cleanly pulls the suit together. 

This gold skirt is actually a really cute H&M skirt I got for £1.00.
Instead of khaki, I thought adding a little sparkle would punch the outfit up a bit. 

 I didn't have to buy a pair of shoes but, simply select one from my overgrown collection. 
I think any of these could work. 

Who doesn't need a little bag to carry all of their things in at the Halloween party? 
Added this little woven bag for £1! 

I almost forgot the hat.

I topped the look off with this hat my granny gave me, which reads a bit more Mary Poppins than Willy Wonka, but you could work it! I'd probably find a proper tan top hat with time.

And that's the complete look for £5 or about $6.15.

photo via People

What do you guys think? 
What would you change? What would you keep?

What are you wearing this Halloween?
 I hope I inspired you to dig through your closet or head to the thrift store!

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