Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thrifted: Men's Clothing + Platform shoes and more

You know how you gotta run to the store for one thing and you come back with several things. That was me yesterday. I've been keeping an eye out for picture frames because I plan on hanging more art that I pick up (and my own travel photography). I found a thrift store with tons of those floating clip glass frames a few days ago, but for some reason I passed them up. Then of course I regretted it.

So the first time I stopped by the store, not only did I pass up the frames, but I also passed up these Stella McCartney platform booties that were in my size. Why? I can't even tell you. 
Aside from the bottom they are in nearly perfect condition.

Love this paisley Zara Man top. Someone dropped off a few Zara Man pieces, but this was my favorite. This is a men's top but ya'll know I've never really cared about that. This top is all mine. I think I'll wear it open at the top with cut off shorts and sandals. I like that it looks like a button down, but it turns into more of a tunic after the 3rd button 

When I was a kid I loved platform shoes. I never owned any until sketchers introduced those platform sneakers that looked like keds. Ya'll remember Sketchers!? I got a pair like these for Christmas one year and I was unable to function. I'm imagining my skinny 4th grader legs in those large, clunky shoes that I loved so much right now.  Ha! So many memories. 

These platform penny loafers would have been my dream shoe around that time. Gel pens were about to explode onto the scene and take the glitter encrusted Lisa Frank world by storm.

Do you you remember the days of sparkly cherry flavored lip gloss that could make your lips peel? Do you remember the days of Dunkaroos and Fruit By the Food, Lunchables that weren't worth the plastic they came in? I remember those days fondly, but miss them... I do not.
I am enjoying these reminders of the past though.
 On to what else was thrifted...

I rarely find sweaters that I actually like. The sweaters I do like are often quirky or really plain and from the men's section. There isn't much in between. The sweater I thrifted is pretty plain in my opinion. The top is burnt orange, the bottom is cornflour blue and there's a little pocket that interrupts the orange block. The two-sized-knit was the little detail that won me over. I think I want to wear this with bold printed bottoms. 

I also purchased this men's gingham lumber jack thermal. Much like camouflage this is a pattern that I really like, but has always given me pause.
Often, when you grow up in central Arkansas and other places in the south camo means something different–much like wrangler jeans and square toe work boots and confederate flags. It's taken me a long time not to react outwardly when I see them. I plan on wearing that particular camo print at some point–in an ironic way most likely. Do you all feel that way sometimes about certain patterns and prints? Are there things you feel weird about wearing or simply won't wear because of your "history" with it?

Lastly, I actually picked up a few of those frames I mentioned before. Yay! I can't wait to start hanging some small pieces of art. I actually have a piece on it's way from this artist

Now I'm wondering if I should have purchased more of these little frames because they were ridiculously cheap. The ladies at the cash wrap seemed ready to give them away.
 I'm actually lucky they were even still there.

Along those lines a good friend of mine and I created some thrifting tips & tricks to share with you all but never got around to sharing them. I think I want to bring that back and give you guys a few now and then. I'll leave you with a basic tip that every thrifter knows well.

I hope you all have enjoyed your week thus far. 
Happy thrifting!

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