Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things + Shops!

I am so ready for spring you guys! That being said so is Shop Thriftionary. I've gotten into my rhythm and added lots of new spring and summer pieces.
A couple of my goals lately have been to: 1. receive more international purchases and 2. Get at least 3 pieces listed every day and 3. do more "social media things" to promote my new items. So far so good...I have a few things in the works for #1.

Here are a few of my favorite things listed lately:

I love how rustic this turned out! It fades from a golden yellow, to a light yellow with flecks of neon yellow! I want to customize everything now...

This is my favorite dress in the shop, hands down! I remember stumbling upon this dress in one of my favorite obscure thrift stores in Atlanta. The detail in the eyelet and cut out flowers is just amazing. 
The tag on the inside reads "Hand Made by Roselyn boutique Port-au-Prince Haiti. 

If you know me, or my blog, you know that I love vibrant colors and an interesting pattern.
This skirt has the best of both worlds and wraps forming an asymmetrical a-line skirt! 

Besides the fact that this lightweight dress is kind of a light weight body hugging dress, it also has a cool pattern that reminds me of these aboriginal dot print paintings.... 

Simply put, the shape of this dress is everything! I've never been a fan of hot pink, but I find it funny how the ultra "feminine" shape of the dress makes the pink work so well.  

Oh I thought I'd introduce you to a couple of my new favorite Etsy shops as well!
You will not be disappointed by this amazing jewelry by: Booandboofactory

The illustrations from thepairabirds are sooo retro & mod. 
I love her shop and I want them all! :)

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