Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Missoni style skirt & Stripes (Outfit of the day)

Hey guys!
I am in the midst of picking an outfit for tomorrow. I usually like to do this kinda thing the night before to avoid being late and give myself time to change 8 (more) times before I leave the house.

It's been really warm lately...maybe even a lil' hot. Tomorrow this is what I'm thinking about wearing....


I really liked how the stripes look with this chevron pattern that is similar to the famous Missoni pattern. 

You might remember me mentioning that my mom actually thrifted this skirt, along with two others that are in different colors. 

  • Tommy button down- thrifted, Goodwill
  • Guess belt- thrifted, Goodwill
  • Buckle wedges- Shoeland
  • Missoni style skirt- gift
I recently purchased these shoes from Shoeland. If you aren't familiar with Shoeland basically, it's a store where you can buy hundreds of styles of shoes for waaaay less than you could anywhere else. In college this was the shoe SPOT! You could easily go in there with $8-10 and buy at least one pair of cute shoes. Most of the shoes are under $30. Now some of the shoes are cheaply made (and you can tell) but if you look thoroughly you will find some hidden gems. Definitely a great spot to buy super cute sandals. 

Believe it or not guys, I'm not a huge shoe person. I think I'd like to collect them, just as much as I'd like to wear them. They're like art to me.  Is that weird? Anyway...what's your favorite shoe-store/place to drool over shoes?

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