Monday, January 23, 2012

Cotton gets corky

How many times have I run in a thrift store on my way to work? Too often to count... lets not talk about it. On the last few trips I've had amazing luck finding shoes!
These are pretty unique sweatshirt material, cork wedge oxfords from Aldo. They were in perfect condition and only $5! I wonder if someone bought them and had a change of heart? Maybe they were a gift?

I've been waiting for the rain to stop to rock these babies with some fun ethnic print leggings!
And maybe put in some cool laces, what do you think? When I do I'll post some pics.


  1. Those look brand new! What a deal. I can definetly see u wearing those...I would most definetly fall on bust my "ass".

  2. Neat shoes! I've never seen any in that style before, sounds like you'll create some awesome outfits with them!

  3. Okay seriously, we've gotta set aside time to go shopping--fa real.

    VERY Nice find!