Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Polka dot romper + Outfit of the day

Today I wanted to wear something simple and comfortable. It was kinda rainy, and overcast so...better to be comfortable. I wasn't feeling my yellow rainboots or my jeans, so I decided to wear this navy polka dot romper; it's made like "coolots". I guess I've been saying 'coolocks' all these years, go figure. Anyway. I paired that with my favorite (and only) jean jacket.

I had a great Levis jean jacket I scored from an overstock store years ago,but I donated it. Ah well.
This polka dot romper is vintage and I bought it from a military thrift store in Kentucky last year. Now that was a great thrifting adventure! ::Wistful sighs::
And the jean jacket is from ...the 80s...rediscovered in Value Village.

I also wore these cute sandals that I purchased from Shoeland a while back. A friend of mine pointed out that elsewhere on the internet they are $35. Interesting;  needless to say, that is not what I paid.

 These sandals are great because they go with eeeverything. That comes in handy when I'm having indecisive mornings.
I know everyone has a  "go-to shoe". Unfortunately that's also why they are retired first.
 What shoes do you have heavy in rotation lately?

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