Monday, May 21, 2012

Thrifted Oufit of the Day: Rust Cardigan + Madden booties

Wednesday, I was so excited about my newly thrifted booties, that I had to wear them the next day.
First of all, I have to tell you guys,  I committed the biggest thrifter's sin. I left the shoes at Goodwill and then went back hoping that they were still there... yes, the next day! Surprisingly...they were!
Lucky me! This particular thrifting adventure was filled with lots of tresures and surprises with a good friend.

Here's the outfit I wore Thursday.

I had one of those change 5 times mornings, so the original outfit got diluted, but I really wanted to wear my new shoes anyway. You know how sometimes you just have to wear something anyway?

See what I mean about black and white linear-ish patterns

I also traded out the wide leather belt for a skinny reddish leather one I got from a yardsale years ago.

 Keepin' it fairly simple here. It was a pretty comfortable Thursday outfit.... complete with a cozy cardigan for an arctic breeze of an office air conditioner. Does everyone have to layer up at the office?


  1. Thanks AP! I'm glad we went back for those shoes! What was I thinking?

  2. i looove the journey of your morning dress!!!! and i loove this blog!!!